SANTELMO, Liwanag sa Dilim

SVPP’s First Print Project in 2023

Kudos to indie publisher San Anselmo Publications, Inc., for coming out with the SANTELMO Liwanag sa Dilim magazine, a literary and arts platform for both multi-awarded writers as well as up and coming unpublished authors. To date, SANTELMO stands out among magazines and journals not published by various universities. Many of the magazine out on news stands are lifestyle magazines, with a large percentage of its pages dedicated to outright ads or ads posing as articles. SANTELMO for its part, in its first three issues, remains true to its dream of contributing to the blooming of a thousand flowers. Its third issue comes out soon!

Southern Voices Printing Press is honored to help deliver this baby by providing its offset printing services to San Anselmo Publications, Inc., a true partner in the Filipino indie publishing web.