Gallery of Featured Prints

In this page, we feature noteworthy books and other print materials published by our clients, for which we served through layout design, and / or offset printing.

Coffee table books, yearbooks and full color publications

TREASURES OF PHILIPPINE ART published by the National Museum of the Philippines (Bustamante, 2013). Printed by SVPP
NELFA QUERUBIN: A Passion for Clay published by Galleria Duemila (2015). Printed by SVPP.
SCENT OF RAIN, SUN AND SOIL published by the Community Technical College of Southeastern Mindanao, Inc. Written by Sarah Wright, book design by Ali Wright. Printed by SVPP.

Academic and Scientific Publications

THE JOURNAL OF HISTORY (2009-2017) published by Philippine Historical Society, Inc. and National Comission for Culture and the Arts. Printed by SVPP.
PNHS Conference Journal published by the Philippine National Historical Society (2016). Printed by SVPP.
`CHILD MALTREATMENT: Medico-Legal Terminology and Interpretation of Medical Findings (Child Protection Network, 2015). Printed by SVPP

Literary Journals and Publications

BESAO FOLK LITERATURE: Besao, Mountain Province, Philippines compiled, edited and translated by John L. Botengan Sr. Published by NCCA. Printed by SVPP.
DANAS: Mga Pag-aakda ng Babae Ngayon edited by Faye Cura and Janine Dimaranan, published by Gantala Press. Printed by SVPP.
OUR STORIES, ONE JOURNEY: Empowering Rural Women in Asia 2013, Empowering Rural Women on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 2014, Empowering Rural Women on Food Sovereignty 2015. Published by Asian Rural Women’s Coalition, etc. Printed by SVPP.
Anthologies from Kataga-Manila. Printed by SVPP.
THE SIGH OF A HUNDRED LEAVES published by San Anselmo Press (2020). Printed by SVPP.

Storybooks for children and youth

SNOW WHITE: Les Chubby Princessesie Series published by Vanessa. Printed by SVPP.
SI KIT AT ANG GINTONG TALAKITOK and NAUGHTY MARTY written by Myline Macabuhay, published by Ban Toxics! Printed by SVPP.
BOOK OF GENTLE series (2019). Printed by SVPP.

Student Publications

The Torch Publications from Philippine Normal University. Printed by SVPP.
Kuwit Publications from Philippine High School for the Arts. Printed by SVPP.