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Aklat Salin is a collection of books published by Southern Voices Printing Press as Filipino translations of world-class classics or extraordinary works.

LIMITED EDITION Regular Price: PhP 450.00

Faye Cura, convener of Gantala Press, says this of the book in Filipino: “Binubuhay ng salin ang maligaya at malalim na karanasan ng pagbabasa ng panitikan — kung saan nakikita ng mambabasa ang sarili sa mga bida; lumuluha sa kanilang mga trahedya at natutuwa sa kanilang mga tagumpay; nangangakong magpapakabuti dahil sa mga napupulot na aral; nakapaglalakbay sa loob ng mga kuwento at tulang kinatha ng mga tauhan; at natutulak na lumiha rin ng sariling sining. Sa salin na ito, na tapat na nadala ang kasimplehan, tulin at kawili-wiling katangian ng orihinal na akda, ang mambabasa ang tunay na bida — na lagi, ang sarili ay maaaring lumawak at mapalawak sa karaniwang araw-araw, saanman siyang panig ng mundo at kasaysayan.”

In another article entitled Rediscover the Roles and Potential of Women in “Mga Munting Babae” published by Business Mirror, Ina Silverio opens with these words… “At a time when so many of us feel so drained by the chaos created by corrupt and unintelligent governance exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a relief to read narratives that both entertain and inspire.”

She further adds:

“For young readers who have yet to discover themselves and what they truly want, however, the book shows a way to begin: by working hard and cultivating one’s skills. And for adult readers –stay-at-home mothers among them—they can find comfort in how the book gives importance to the role of women in strengthening families, in guiding their children, and simply making homes a place of love of comfort.

Feminism, after all, is also about recognizing the many roles of women and all their little, big, and cumulative contributions to improving society so it can move closer to humanity’s highest ideals. It should not exclude women who do not achieve greatness beyond being living with honesty, righteousness, and respect for others.”

Finally, she has this to say about the ‘salin’: “And given that “Mga Munting Babae” is the work of feminists, it would not be at all surprising  if the novel’s dialogue, characterization, and narrative exposition have taken on a more progressive tone. This only makes the book better. When it’s progressive women translating the meaningful work of other women, there is a level of guarantee that the integrity of the original work is maintained. “

LIMITED EDITION Regular Price: PhP450.00

Ang Munting Prinsipe (Limited Edition)

In the words of Dr. Mykel Andrada, Director of the Center for the Filipino Language at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, this translation to Filipino of the classic THE LITTLE PRINCE by Dr. Lilia Antonio shows us that there is much that needs to change in a world dictated upon by a system that serves only the few. Moreover, here translated to the much more accessible language to Filipinos is the philosophy of knowing, the practice of understanding, and the politics of hope.

Ang Munting Prinsipe (Student Edition)

Released in September 2022, the Ang Munting Prinsipe Student edition is of the same translated text but in white paperstock and illustrations by Exupery are in black and white to make the much-loved story more accessible to students.

STUDENT EDITION Regular Price: PhP2200.00
SARANGGOLA Children’s Books

Saranggola Children’s Books is an imprint of Southern Voices Printing Press. Like the kite, the Saranggola books envision the flight of free and critical minds of young readers.

Regular Price: PhP 200.00

Atty. Antonio G.M. La Viña wrote: “Napakaganda nitong akdang isinulat ni Janine Dimaranan at binigyang buhay ng mga larawan ni Ilena Saturay, sa tekstong Filipino at Bisaya. Makikilala natin sina Jeboy, Jiro at Fanshen at ang misteryosong si Lolo Jose, na sa tunay na buhay ay si Bishop Jose Manguiran.”

The book’s protagonist, retired Bishop Emeritus Jose Manguiran returned to the Dipolog Diocese last December 27, 2021 to say mass in celebration of his 55th Presbyteral Ordination Anniversary.

The story is a tribute to retired Bishop Emeritus Jose Manguiran of the Dipolog Diocese in his steadfast defense of #MotherEarth and support for the Subanen tribe of Western Mindanao, who dwell in the environs of Mount Canatuan, their revered sacred mountain ravaged by a foreign mining multinational corporation.

Meanwhile, literary artist Don Pagusara wrote of the book in Bisaya: “Importante kaayo kining gamayng libro nga nag-istorya sa gahom sa Sungkod ni Lolo Jose. Gipakita dinhi ang pakigbisog sa katawhang Subanen batok sa pagguba sa kinaiyahan. Ang kabunturan, kalasangan, katubigan ug kayutaan bililhon kaayong tipak sa kinabuhi ug katilingban sa mga Lumad. Ug busa sakto lang ug dalaygon ang kabayanihan nga gihimo sa katawhang Subanen pagpanalipod sa kinaiyahan batok sa mga tawong buot mapasipala sa ilang kinabuhing-kalibutan o ‘lifeworld’.

Regular Price: PhP 200.00

Sayaw ng Pantaron is a short story about Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay and the Manobo people’s historic struggle to defend their ancestral domain along the Pantaron Mountain Range that traverses the provinces of Davao del Norte, Bukidnon and Agusan del Sur. The Pantaron is considered the Cordilleras of Mindanao and is home to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna such as the Rafflesia, the pitcher plant, tarsier, Philippine eagle, among others. It tells the future generation of Manobos and Filipino children elsewhere of the historical fight in 1994 of the Manobo ancestors against a big logging company. Written by Janine Dimaranan and illustrated by Ilena Saturay. Published by Southern Voices Printing Press (2021).

In the midst of the quarantine-imposed online learning, children are more likely to become victims of cybercrimes. “May Mumu sa Loob ng Computer” teaches them to be wary and inform their parents or guardians of such incidences. Written & illustrated by the DM9 JaymeSyfu team in partnership with GABRIELA Inc. and Southern Voices Printing Press. Published in 2015.

“Barako, Baraking” is a book about the modern dualist notions of ‘father’ and ‘mother’ in parenting. It speaks of the feminization of export labor as the absence of the OFW mother is highlighted. It tells of a child celebrating his father’s heroism as he becomes both mama and papa to his child and does not shirk doing domestic chores – does laundry, cooks, cares for the child and drinks only gulaman instead of liquor. It waxes a different portrayal of the masculine which supports new systems against patriarchy.

Written by Cindy Dizon-Gealogo and illustrated by Archie Geotina. Published in 2011.

“‘Nay, ‘Tay, Itim na po ang Dagat” talks about the interconnectedness of things as it illustrates a story concerning the environment and ancestry. Depicting the errors of unbridled greed and the plunder of one nation by another as it impacts deepening poverty, the book talks about the abuse of our natural resources and the struggle to defend it.

Written and illustrated by John Paul Clemente. Published in 2013.

“Jamin: Ang Batang Manggagawa” is the real-life story of Jamin, who at age nine began work as a child laborer at the Sasa port in Davao City.

Written by Jamin Olarita herself, in partnership with Amado V. Hernandez Resource Center (AVHRC), Association for the Rights of Childrean in SEA, and SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concerns. Artworks by Vernald Magpusao. Published in 2011.

ginintuang buhay collection

Tracing the biographic work on his childhood in Albay under the Japanese occupation, following through his further education and life as a worker in Manila (which introduced him to unionism) to provide and support his family in the province, Silverio’s storytelling in “Ka Bel” is as colorful as the many adventures Crispin Beltran had in his formative years.

With experiences going in and out of prison under different presidencies, serving as the poorest leader in Congress and most dedicated labor organizer, Crispin’s life, mostly known as Ka Bel to his heartened comrades, is a true legacy of a Filipino patriot.

Written by Ina Silverio, cover illustration by Jennifer Padilla, published in 2010.

“Tugmaang Matatabil” is a collection of poems from prison, when poet was detained for two years in Southern Tagalog. Tugmaang Matatabil is a collection that celebrates the loudness of spirit, and the fervor and courage of those who struggle for freedom. It is Pinpin’s own assertion to the music of words in a time when he was forced to be silent. The more he was silenced, the more he spoke up, singing in verses the struggle of the Filipino peasants, fellow prisoners, and the wider toiling masses in the confines of what he called the ‘graveyard of the living.’

Written by Axel Pinpin, cover illustration by Jennifer Padilla. Published 2008. Winner of the 10th Madrigal Gonzales First Book Award, Tugmaang Matatabil is available in Filipino and in an English abridged version.