Locked Down yet Gifted

The pandemic situation is not getting any better. The overwhelming economic impact of another ECQ in Metro Manila and its environs is felt by so many.

We assert however that the lock down need not curtail our cultural growth. In a bid to gift readers in this period of the ECQ lockdown, Southern Voices Printing Press offers an AUGUST 14 to 20, 2021 LOCKDOWN INVENTORY SALE!! Residents of Quezon City, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Manila City and Marikina City (up to Bayan area only) benefit from a FREE DELIVERY service for orders above PhP500.

Happy reading! Happy gifting!!

Published by

Southern Voices Printing Press

Southern Voices Printing Press (SVPP) was founded in November 7, 2007 by social activists and entrepreneurs Pia Perez and Joel Garduce, after initiating a small start-up business of desktop publishing in 1993-1999. The desktop lay-outing and printing served as a stepping stone for an offset plate printing and publishing enterprise that primarily gives service to advocacies for the poor. Originally named "Tinig ng Timog", SVPP supports the voicing out of struggles of the people from the South, the less empowered and the voiceless; as it serves as an accessible channel to publish progressive children's storybooks, biographic works of political prisoners and activists, among others. The authentic and genuine stories of those who truly serve, people who live and walk on paths unacknowledged by popular media, the press holds sacred and true. SVPP cherishes and weaves these stories into a blanket of letters that warms the heart, and ignites the fire within. SVPP specialize in offset printing, graphic design, computer-aided typesetting and layout services. We print books, journals, newsletters, manuals, primers, brochures, posters, leaflets, souvenir programs, magazines, among others.

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